Meet Drip N Scoop

Drip N Scoop was born out of our two passions, Coffee + Ice Cream. We caught ourselves constantly starting our day with our favorite coffee & ending the day with a delicious ice cream creation. We thought to ourselves, why not offer these same items to our local city. Thus, Drip N Scoop was born

We pride our self on a simple, yet delicious menu. We might not have every single offering to please everyone, but we promise you that what we are offering is fresh, delicious and satisfying.

``A fresh new concept that is a step above the rest. Quality creations & friendly service!``

Jillian Noon

Ocean City NJ's best kept secret for coffee lovers! They offer the level of coffee that this city has been missing!``

Katie Marsh

Drip Menu
  • Bagel Sandwiches
  • Bakery
  • Coffee
  • Cold Beverages

Scoop Menu
  • Hard Dipped
  • Sundaes

Seasonal Special
Cider Donuts Ocean City NJ OCNJ


Check back for our weekly seasonal creations


6am – 930pm
Drop by for a coffee or bite to eat,
We look forward to seeing you

960 Asbury Ave
Ocean City NJ

Phone: (609) 938-6758